How Viber app made me think twice when purchasing anything via in-app purchases.

It was just an app “sitting” on the third screen of my old iPhone 5 (still waiting for my iPhone 6) and I used it moderately, not like my friends use it for messages and calling a lot, not because I didn’t like it, it was because I like iMessage and regular calls, FaceTime and placing FaceTime calls when I wanted to hear somebody without paying for it.
But, I was in touch with my friends in the States and I was calling them when I was at home on my Wi-Fi, and I just wanted the comfort which gives me calling them anyplace I am, anytime, and I regret that now-I should of stick to my “regular” routine…
If I would just know before what will I have to go trough and how will I throw 20$ “down the drain”…
Well, it’s said that we are learning while we are alive, whole life, and I will think twice before I put my whole address book with all of persons details in some shady company’s hands before I really know that this VoIP company is to be trusted… Maybe I’m really “spoiled” by Apple and their representatives which are willing to help you in the middle of the night and they try and try to make you feel almost happy you had a problem, if you get me…
The thing is, I was thinking about purchasing credit from Viber to be able to call my friends in the States from anywhere and I have purchased the biggest package worth 9,99$ US, and than I realized that I’m still using Viber registered on my old SIM card and went on the Viber support page to see what has to be done to transfer the credit to my new number.
In the meantime, I’ve purchased another package worth 9,99$ to have the credit while old credit is being transferred to my new number… But, the problem starts here…
I know I’ve been foolish and hasty when I’ve purchased the first credit because I should of remember that I haven’t changed the number in Viber settings but another package just vanished from my Viber account-believe it or not. Not a single call, ok, one call to my fiancé to see how that magical Viber Out works. Sure, I’ve contacted Viber and received about 15 e-mails, all from different people stating that they’re working on the matter and that it’s resolved and case closed! Well, I haven’t received any refund nor credit on my Viber account and I’m still waiting like a fool, feeling like a fool, remembering the words of my fiancé; “why are you throwing money to those shady companies while you can talk free on FaceTime with Your friends?”… And she’s right. I should of Google the Viber app first and see anything about them, but I was so sure about paying over the iTunes that probably I haven’t think clearly anymore, I wanted to have another option, probably because we all want few options in life, regardless how good the first option was.
While I’m writing this, I’m thinking how stupid a man can be, 20$ isn’t small amount for me because I live in Croatia where people tend to live from 500-600$ a month. But as I’ve said, I’m learning from my mistakes. But I’m still in belief that I’ll receive my credit back, or that Apple support will somehow resolve this and refund me my hard earned money. Viber just told me a lesson, good one, and it’s about how you can’t believe anyone on the Internet, regardless of them being advertised on the popular and trusted site. That’s my lesson about trading over the Internet, and I’ve learned my lesson. Hard cash from hand to hand from now on, just because I’m smarter now. What’s the funny part of the story-I really didn’t need that credit. Well, now I don’t have it. Funny. Viber Media is lesson giver. Thank You Viber.





3 thoughts on “How Viber app made me think twice when purchasing anything via in-app purchases.

  1. I have the sane problem now sir, i wonder if you ever get your money back? Did they give it to you? I tried to contact apple support and viber support. I hope i can get my hard earned money too.

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    1. Dear Paul, I had to contact Viber multiple times and I’ve also contacted Apple about the whole situation and finally gave up after two months and claims from Viber that I have my money back on my account-but I didn’t have it so I wrote them one last mail and was angry and wrote them what I think of them and then I’ve got my money back but on Viber account… Hope it helps You!


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